Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

At some point while I was doing the four portraits that appear in the 6x6x2010 show (still up at RoCo until July 11th and online here forever!) I became aware of the flickr group Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Julia’s simple idea (artists making portraits of other artists) has exploded into an absolute phenomenon of creativity. After seeing the incredible variety of work on display I had to get involved. Since I started my first portrait of the extraordinarily prolific, N.C. Mallory, just two weeks ago I've already drawn seven new portraits. Similar to the Moly_X project I’m involved in I’ve found that joining this community of artists has broadened my horizons and helped rekindle my passion for art-making.

Here's a handful of the amazing portraits to be found in this great group:

And a couple by me:

Artist Sue Hodnett said of the party,
“In an age where we sit and twitter, surf and blog, Julia Kay’s portrait party has connected an otherwise disparate group of artists and challenged us to look deeper than the screen of the computer and into the eyes of people we have never met or spoken to.”
Please check out this amazing group of artists all challenging each other to look deeper.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Wonderful, varied work! Very, very expressive...

Cyndy Carstens said...

Sorry I missed your comment on one of my posts a while ago. I really appreciate your comments and compliments.
These portraits are wonderful and enticing. From here I am going to visit the portrait group to see what else is happening there. I am excited to see your new portraits. And what is the 100 Page Project? Sounds challenging even without knowing what it is.
Have a great evening. Cyndy

Julia Kay said...

Thanks for writing about the Party! So glad you joined and have been having fun - I love watching the mix of styles and faces continue to grow as new artists join. Here's a handy link to a nice way to view the party- as a slide show:

kazumiwannabe said...

Great to see all the styles and all the different approaches. Your own graphic style and portraits are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful work! And your portraits are total stand outs!! A great post.

Janene said...

Excellent portraits!

Alex said...

Amazing work from different artists and different styles, yours are awesome!

raena said...

The top two are among my favorites too! It's amazing the different styles and approaches people take. You're doing an amazing job with the portraits!

EscapeHatch said...

Thanks for all the comments folks!

And Cyndy, the Page 100 Project is something that cartoonist Jason Turner started. The idea is to take a book, flip to page 100 and adapt that page in comics-form. I was thinking of making a blog to curate the project, a new page per week or something...but I havn't gotten around to setting it up. Check out this link to Jason's post about it and a rundown of the pages already done:


And check out the Covered blog for another cool project: