Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three Drawings in Progress

Very often I can't seem to complete one thing without moving on to something else. Eventually I'll come back around and finish it, but it's rare that I work on one drawing straight through. To illustrate this I present 3 drawings in various stages. The one on the left was begun ages ago (probably late June, early July) and I'm trying a mix of pencils with the usual ink and brush. The other two were both started in the last few days (the one on the right first actually). Hopefully I'll have all three finished by the end of the week.

UPDATE: I finished the one on the left last night (8/18/10) but I'm going to hold off posting it until it reaches it's new home. In the meantime, you can see all my portraits in this flickr set.


E*phi said...

Wow!!! I'm your biggest fan! Your paintings are amazing, even the unfinished ones! I totally admire your skill! (The horse is fabulous too, btw!).

Regarding the "several things in parallel", I'm completely the same. Although I usually have many more things going on (but then, my drawings are way less laborous than your paintings!). I really need to be careful to finish all of them (does not always happen...).

I'm really looking forward to seeing these three completed! <3

seesue said...

These three are wonderful. Are you painting in the shadows/shading?

Alex said...

Nice display of stages =) And I must say they are pretty distracting from one to another...no wonder you can't finish one at a time. Like your style, it's very cool and so much like comics in DC and Marvel

Sandra said...


EscapeHatch said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all your feedback.

E*phi, wow, not only do I have a fan, but I have a biggest one! I never knew. :D

seesue, most of my portraits are executed in india ink. I use waterdown washes for the shadows/skin tones. The one on the far left in this pic is a bit of a departure, I decided to do the tones and hair in pencil...I think I like the effect so far.

Alex, yeah, I'm definitely influenced by comic art. Check out Charles Burns sometime, he's the most amazing inker!

Cathy Holtom said...

These look exciting, I like your style. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished.

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous! i love the depth and expression!

raena said...

These are great! I love that you have a style, but within that style there is a lot of variety. Everything doesn't look the same. Look forward to seeing a close up of the finished one on the left.

joseph's art and stuff said...

I agree with everyone, love your style, great work! You asked me how i was handling the thin and it will bleed through paper in the moleskine from arthouse... i do a drawing across a spread, then skip the next set of pages, draw on the next, and so on. after i have a few done i go back and use acid free archival double stick tape to double the pages. instead of 40 drawings you end up with 20. the last one i did, i only used one side of the spread and the ghost images looked pretty cool to many of the folks around here, of course there were also a few that were bothered by it.
i'll be looking for your book when it comes to seattle.