Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pete Turner @ Eastman

Nicole and I spent a wonderful day at the George Eastman House in Rochester. For those of you in the area you'll definately want to check out the Pete Turner exhibit which runs until February 4th. From the Eastman website:
The current exhibition, Pete Turner: Empowered by Color, on view through Feb. 4, showcases more than 50 world-renowned photographs representing all facets of Turner's work, from his first African expedition in 1959 to his latest images of architectural spaces. He is a photographic visionary who has pursued his uncompromising thirst for color saturation. Turner is a master colorist who broke all the rules in a pre-computer era, using the camera and wide-angle lens as his tools. His images have influenced generations of photographers and continue to inspire the way we view the colorful world around us.
His work is truly beautiful and if you've never been to the Eastman house (this was my first time) it's definately worth the trip for anyone interested in photography, architecture, botanical gardening, or art in general.

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