Wednesday, January 31, 2007

EDM #83 - Erie Canal - Neverending Sketch

So, I'm finally getting back to this one after some time off. I think it's nearing completion but the trees take forever. Not sure how to handle the water either. I'm sure in another month or so I'll have something resembling a finished product.

Part Two
Part One


Michael Emerald said...

This is a beautiful sketch. The detail is exquisite, and the trees may have taken awhile (I read below) but the result was well worth it.) My favorite is the overall coherency of the composition, everything hangs together well without anything being overpowering. And the smoke is fantastic, full of emotion.

Thanks for painting/drawing it.
Michael Emerald

suzanne said...

Wow, I wouldn't even know where to begin on this type of detailed sketch.

You've done a great job so far! I'm imagining that by the time you finish with the detail of the trees, grass and such that you really won't need to much detail in the water. Perhaps leaving it rather minimalist will allow you to best depict its surface.