Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wandering in Ithaca

I did some wandering around Ithaca, NY Friday evening. Some highlights included speaking with the artist Neil Berger at the Ink Shop Printmaking Center, the State of the Art Gallery, several used-book stores, a fairly decent comics shop (where I picked up Gilbert Hernandez's New Tales of Old Palomar, among others), and having coffee and drawing at Autumn Leaves, a cafe upstairs from a used-bookstore.

Got into a pretty heavy discussion of the events of 9/11 with Neil and William, a couple of regulars. I did a quick sketch of William while we were talking. Neil gave me a copy of Painful Deceptions: An Analysis of the September 11 Attack. It looks interesting but I havn't got around to watching it yet.


Teri C said...

I lov your sketches, they are just so full of life. Is that paper from the sketchbook you talked about in the previous post? It looks wonderful!

EscapeHatch said...

Yes, most of the sketches posted here are done in the Nepal sketchbook. Although, the paper doesn't look quite this dark in person. I've had to adjust the contrast in order to get rich blacks on-screen.